Allow me to introduce myself…

Oliver Wainwright

My name is Oliver Wainwright.

I founded Malicom Systems, Inc. in January 2000 to specialize in Linux and Open Source software training and consulting. We specialize helping you solve your organization’s IT Security challenges.

I have more than 20 years of IT experience in a variety of roles from manager to individual contributor. Most of my career has focused on IT Security in the Financial Services, Telecommunications, Transportation and Government industries.

I built my first firewalls and Internet infrastructure back in 1996 for what was then the world’s largest bank. I managed this infrastructure and eventually moved on to other financial services firms to build and manage their IT Security infrastructures.

I served as the technical lead that introduced Apache Web Server and Squid Proxy Server to a Fortune 500 financial services firm that resulted in the savings of millions of dollars a year in licensing and support costs.

I love to write code, but I do not consider myself to be a programmer.  I code in Perl, Python, Bash, PHP and Javascript. Most recently I have developed several tools to automate tasks on my clients’ networks and develop custom reporting of critical functions.

Contact me to see how my background, skills, experience and passion for solving problems through the smart use of technology can help you with your unique technical business challenges.